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Integration of IDX / RETS raw data is key to your success with a real estate web site. We continue below to describe the specific ways we've optimized this data to shortcut your way to the top.

A Quick Outline:


Massive # of Cached Pages in Search Engines

Our integration services put the MLS listings on your domain, not ours. This is the most important thing to look for when choosing a real estate web site solution.

Search engines can't verify the original author of web content very well, they often resort to assumptions based on popularity and publish date instead. Due to the unique configuration of each client's web site, IDX listings that appear on the web site often count as pages you wrote for your web site!

Having great content on your web site is more important then ever as the competition grows on the Internet. With our solution, you can associate a listing search with your page content and the matching listings will appear on the page below your content. As new listings come on the market that match these searches, search engines will take notice and update their index with the new content on the page. This makes your pages constantly fresh and keeps them indexed longer in search engines. For example, Google often stores another 20 to 100 listings for each unique page added due to our integration techniques.

Increasing your cached pages in Google gives you more chances of ranking for thousands of less common searches, which is often referred to as “Long Tail” keywords in the SEO industry. We have many clients with tens of thousands of cached pages in Google and other search engines due to our IDX integration techniques including the IDX Site Map which is an automatically generated optimized directory of the entire listing database.

The great thing is that you get all this included with our system from day 1. For people that like to self-manage, our system is by far the most cost effective solution available due to the free advice and recommendations we provide. If you'd like someone to help manage your campaign, our staff and contractors are ready to help.


More Search Options

Every Realtor association has a different listing database structure. We customize the search options to fit your association's listing data feed and then combine that information with our other powerful search features.

Zip code distance calculation

Thanks to built-in zipcode distance searching, our system is able to show listings in nearby listings. This greatly reduces the chance the user will find nothing and still allows you to emphasize your primary market.

Advanced search options

Users can easily change sorting options. Narrow down listings by specifying subdivisions, condo names, keywords, or negative keywords. Experience maximum flexibility with the ability to specify multiple options for each search criteria and set custom value ranges for price, bedrooms, bathroom and more.

Map search and find listings near a location

You can choose to browse the map or enter a street address to find listings nearby your preferred location.


High Performance

Our web sites are amazingly fast. This doesn't happen by chance. We spent hundreds of hours optimizing performance over the years. We also invest in the latest server hardware to ensure response times are quick as possible. More is happening on each page of our web sites, yet the pages load more quickly. High performance is one of the most important differentiating factors of our technology.

Our advanced programming optimizations allow you and your visitors to save precious seconds of their lives. Every moment the user spends waiting for your web site to load erodes their patience and available time. If they aren't able to find what they want and make quick decisions, they'll leave the site. Our system has several levels of optimization in every component.

Built with our CFML framework

We built our entire system in-house. By making a full custom solution, we are able to have more control over the system performance.

Unmatched technical superiority

Our accurate advice and quick easy to understand answers lead to drastic savings and increased efficiency with your marketing campaign. We combine the most advanced modern techniques to facilitate top performance and continue to develop our skills with new technology as it becomes available.

Map search performance.

Our map search performance is actually unusually fast if you compare it to other top web sites. How did we achieve this? Well first off, our listing database search is so amazingly fast and optimized, that there is very little time spent processing the listings to show within the map view. However, when showing dozens of markers on the map, we found the built-in Google map api code to be too slow. Fortunately, there was a way to replace google's marker with our own code. This enabled the markers to be loaded 10 times faster. I went a step further and made sure that only new markers would be processed. I have noticed our competitors are often not using these optimizations and simply have overloaded systems that can't handle the volume of requests as fast making their maps extremely unresponsive in comparison even though their search form has FEWER OPTIONS!

AJAX for partial page updates.

AJAX is a technology that allows data to pass from the browser to the server in a way that lets you update only part of the page. Because far less data and processing is done, these AJAX requests are noticeably faster. This is how we're able to show the matching listing count immediately and show photos in the listing thumbnails on the map as well as other features.

Our custom framework is fully optimized.

I built my own custom framework in CFML since 2002. I control every part of the code and routinely find new ways to speed up parts of the core system. There are hundreds of features that are loaded on each request which enable the highly dynamic pages and user tracking. Yet it only takes a few milliseconds for the framework to load.

The latest server hardware.

We use dedicated servers with powerful recently released hardware. By continuing to invest in faster dedicated servers, we offer a consistent level of performance night and day. We don't allow other companies technical access to our servers, which helps make sure they are secure and reliable.

Total control of development.

We don't allow third party developers to write code that is hosted on our server. This level of quality control ensures that we know what is running and can guarantee high performance. We have monitoring and alerts in place to not just report downtime or errors but also to identify slower scripts. I routinely revisit problem areas and speed them up at no additional cost to the customer.

In summary, performance is perhaps our most important feature. Enabling people to do more work in less time is critical to anyone's business goals. It is very easy for competitors to launch similar features, but performance optimizations like these take much longer to work through. A lot of creative thinking and testing is done to shave off milliseconds. It all ads up to having an amazing technology platform that just works fast.


Extreme Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to IDX integration, everyone does it differently. When comparing web development firms, you'll find that there is a substantial difference between the marketing department and the result of the actual programming and design. While many have found ways to offer the expected features, the technical implementation of those features is quite often a total failure for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every web development company wants their customers to believe the web site they were sold has SEO included. But what does that mean? Are they referring to meta tags? The URLs? The HTML structure? Are they talking about content? Indexing of cached pages? Keyword density? Chances are they are “talking” about all of this, but when you get down to the technical details, they have made mistakes. How do you verify that it is correct as a layman when even most programmers don't fully understand and implement SEO concepts correctly?

These gaps of knowledge are a critical flaw for a company to have when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. What good is a promise from a CEO who can't verify that the work is actually done right or is too busy to actually look into it personally? I could imagine nothing worse then a client being sold services for years only to find out later that there were major mistakes undermining the entire campaign. Many SEO campaigns focus on reporting and feeding carefully planned information that keeps spending the customer's money with less attention on the real facts of the campaign. You obviously aren't getting more leads, so it's not working yet. At what point has it gone too far? Months? Years? You need to be grounded in reality as quickly as possible.

How do you make good decisions when the data provided is all wrong?

The answer is to develop a long term relationship with an expert developer like us. We can help you choose vendors and make better decisions by validating their claims for you. We encourage our clients to work with others to save money, get things done faster, and expand to areas we don't work on yet. Our only concern is that these third parties provide services that are truly helpful and fairly priced.

At Far Beyond Code, Inc, expert level technical understanding is a core foundation upon which everything else builds. The owner himself is an expert with all web development and search engine optimization. We won't claim to be the best at everything, but when it comes to understanding technology, you will find no better. Hiring an expert saves you a ton of money and frustration, we all want that expert to make our lives easier and you can be assured that you will receive great results from us.

We want to be the expert you come to for advice and direction on your technology decisions whether we profit from it or not.

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