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What is the best IDX solution from an SEO perspective?

Integration of IDX / RETS raw data is key to your success with a real estate web site. We continue below to describe the specific ways we've optimized this data to shortcut your way to the top.

What Is A Massive Number of Cached Pages in Search Engines, and How Will It Help My Site?

Simply put, cached pages are older copies of pages stored on search engines. With your Far Beyond Code, Inc. website, your company will benefit from our integrated SEO features.

  • Our service places the MLS listings directly on your website, not our own.
  • The way search engines work, they cannot readily verify the original author of page content. Oftentimes, they will simply resort to basic assumptions based on page popularity and date of publish. Since websites and their content are uniquely configured, the search engines will frequently count each IDX listing as a separate page written for your site.

With the ever increasing competition in the Internet world, standout page content is more important now than ever. When you choose to utilize the Far Beyond Code's services for your site, you can:

  • Associate listings with your page content
  • Associated listings will appear on the respective page, below the actual content.
  • As new listings are added to the market via the MLS, these listings will automatically be added to the pages associated with that particular type of listing.

The search engines will take notice of the new content and update their index accordingly. This ensures your pages are always fresh and keeps them indexed by the search engines for extended periods of time. For instance, Google will oftentimes store an additional 20 to 100 pages due to the unique integration techniques offered by our services.

Increasing the number of your pages cached in Google greatly increases your chances of ranking in thousands of less common search terms. Many of ourclients have tens of thousands of cached pages in Google and other search engines, this is owed to our cutting edge IDX integration techniques which include the IDX Site Map, automatically generated using all the information from the MLS database.

The best part is, all these services are yours from day one when you choose us for your Internet presence. Our system is perfect for people who like to self manage their site. Of course if you'd prefer someone help manage your site, we have a full staff and several contractors who are familiar, not only with our system, but the search engines and their ever changing trends.

What Do You Mean By More Search Options?

Each realtor association has its own unique database structure. Our system customizes each customer's search features to emphasize their own unique composition by utilizing such technology as:

  • Zip Code Calculation
    Our built in zip code distance search feature ensures your site will show all the available MLS listings within a specific area, ensuring your site will not return empty search results.
  • Advanced Search Options
    Users of your search feature can change search criteria with ease. Our system provides them with the ability to narrow listings to specific subdivisions, condo complexes or keywords. Your users will experience the most flexible searches with the ability to specify multiple search options such as price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and much more.
  • Map Search and Listing Location
    Your users will able to enter a street address or browse a map of the area to find listings near a specified location.

What Sort of Performance Can I Expect From My Far Beyond Code, Inc.Website?

You will find your website to be amazingly fast.. This is not a chance happening. Over the years, countless hours have gone into optimizing our websites' performance. We invest in the latest server hardware ensuring our response times are as fast as they can possibly be. While a Far Beyond Code, Inc. website has much more happening on each page, our page load times are among the fastest in the industry. This high performance is one of many things that set us apart from the rest.

Our advanced programming optimization ensures you and your clients are saving valuable time by not waiting for your web pages to load. The more time a user waits for a page to load, the more likely they will grow impatient and seek the information elsewhere, most likely from one of your competitors.

Our unique system offers several levels of optimization in every component including:

  • ColdFusion Framework
    Our entire system is built entirely in house using ColdFusion framework.
  • Unmatched Technical Superiority
    Our easy to understand answers to your questions, and accurate advice lead to drastic savings for you through increased efficiency in your marketing campaign. We combine the advanced modern technologies to their fullest potential, and keep up to date on all the ever changing industry trends.
  • Map Search Performance
    Our map search technology is unusually fast compared to other websites. This has been achieved by optimizing our listing database search so very little time is spent processing the search requests. To further the performance of our map search, we replaced the Google map marker with our own marker built in house. Our marker runs amazingly fast through a variety of integrated features. You will find our search to be considerably faster than others, even though we offer far more criteria options.
  • AJAX For partial Page Updates
    AJAX is a technology that allows data to pass from the browser to the server in a way that allows the update of individual parts of the page independently. Since far less data and processing is done, these AJAX requests are noticeably faster. This enables us to show the matching listing count immediately and show photos in the listing thumbnails on the map as well as other features in a fraction of the time.
  • Our Custom Framework Is Fully Optimized
    Far Beyond Code's framework is unique to us in that it was all built in house. We control every aspect of the code and are always seeking and finding new ways to enhance and speed up our core system. Our web pages have literally hundreds of features being loaded with each page request and it still takes only a few seconds to assemble each bit of information into an attractive, highly useful web page.
  • The Latest Server Hardware
    Currently, we are running our server with 2 CPUs. Each is 4 cores plug Intel hyper-threading. This means our machine has 16 CPUs to split and balance the workload. It also has 12 Gb of RAM and uses 15,000 RPM SAS hard drives. Through our continuous investment in dedicated servers we are able to offer a consistent level of high speed service 24 hours a day. There are no other companies sharing our servers.
  • Total Control Of Development
    We never allow any third party code to be run on our servers. This level of quality control ensures we are fully aware of what is running and thus we can guarantee a high level of performance for all our clients. Our monitoring systems will not only alert us of downtime or errors in real time, but will also identify any slower scripts. All problem areas are swiftly identified and corrected, and routinely revisited to ensure they are maintained at our high standards. Our proactive approach to potential problems, means a higher level of service and performance for you.
    To summarize, performance is perhaps our most important feature and is given much consideration. This dedication to performance ensures you, our customer, the fastest, most efficient way to keep your listings fresh and up to date. While it is easy enough for our competitors to implement similar features, our level of performance comes only through time, dedication, and a lot of creative thinking. This all adds up to an amazing technology platform that runs at blistering speeds.

What Is Extreme Search Engine Optimizations?

When it comes to IDX integration, everyone does it a little differently. When you compare web development companies, you will find a wide variety of differences between marketing departments and the actual results. While most have devised ways to offer the features you would expect, the implementation of these features oftentimes falls short of the expected search engine optimization (SEO) expected. While they all want their customers to believe they include SEO in each project, but you need to ask; what exactly are they optimizing?

  • META Tags
  • The URLs
  • The HTML Structure
  • The Content
  • Indexing of Cached Pages
  • Keyword Density

Chances are they are optimizing all of these, but when it comes down to it, most will fall down on the technical implementation. At Far beyond Code, we understand how each of these works, and use them to their highest potential on all our customers' websites.

These gaps in their knowledge could cost you in a very big way in terms of the ROI on your website. You could go for months or even years before you discover your site's SEO was done incorrectly; and this translates to huge losses in leads, contacts, and revenues.

How Do You Make Good Decisions When The Data Provided Is All Wrong?

The answer is to develop a long term relationship with an expert developer like Far Beyond Code. We can help you choose vendors and make sounder business decisions through validation their claims for you. We encourage our clients to work with others to save money, get things done faster, and expand to areas we don't work on yet. Our only concern is that these third parties provide services that are truly helpful and fairly priced.

At Far Beyond Code, our expert level technical understanding is a core fundamental on which everything we build is based. The owner himself is an expert with all web development and search engine optimization with over 10 years of professional experience. We won't claim to be the best at everything, but when it comes to the understanding of this technology, you will find no better. Hiring an expert saves you a untold tine, money and frustration. Everyone wants that expert to make their lives a little easier and you can be assured that you will receive honesty and realistic expectations from us.

We want to be your personal expert. The expert you come to for advice and direction
when making any technical decision, whether we profit from it or not.
Contact us today!

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