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Syndicate your listings to quickly improve your real estate business

By Bruce Kirkpatrick   Follow me: Bruce Kirkpatrick on Twitter Bruce Kirkpatrick on Facebook
Mon, Jul 07, 2008 at 3:25PM

One of the cheapest ways to get exposure for yourself as a listing agent is to syndicate your listings on all the major national real estate web sites.  These listings are usually free, but time consuming to maintain.  Now you can reduce your time updating listings by using or to syndicate your listings on these lead generating web sites.

Start generating more leads with or

The only difference for brokers is that you can load listings with different agent names.  This saves your office money while maximizing your office's online presence.

Now you can have your listing on all the web sites below in a fraction of the time. 

Some submissions such as can't be completely automated, but or still saves you time by automating some of the process with their unique technology. 

We can help you automate the process


Increase your rankings for free with syndication

Because some of these web sites aren't blocking the value of external links, you should make sure you enter the URL of your web site when loading the listing.  You should consider linking to different pages of your site that are more appropriate for each listing.  The home page is often not the best choice.  Keep in mind, you lose a large percentage of the visitors every time they have to click another link.  Make it easy for the user to find what they are looking for.  An example would be linking to the oceanfront homes page if your listing is an oceanfront home.

With the slower buyers market in many parts of the USA, many agents are looking for ways to bring them more business online.  Now you can this faster and cheaper than ever before.

More thoughts on syndication can show you relative traffic between the web sites you enter. It is interesting to see how much traffic the big real estate sites get.  Keep in mind the numbers are usually higher than what estimates.  There are millions of visitors to each one of these sites you're syndicating with! and are by far the best place to have your listings besides,, are all quite good in traffic too.

Zillow has a pay per click ad program.  I suggest you try this for a while and see what it does for you.  At a fixed rate of 1 penny per click, it is definitely one of the cheaper ways to get more exposure from a web site that has millions of visitors per month.  EZ Ads Link:

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