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Curb Appeal Can Make The Sale Mon, Mar 24, 2008 You would be amazed how many people make a decision to purchase a home based on the overall curb appeal. With a little hard work and investment, you can correct any landscaping problems before you list your house for sale and improve the chances... Read More

Staging Your House Thu, Mar 06, 2008 In today’s buyers market it is important for sellers to make there house stand out from the rest. When buyers have numerous properties to choose from, they often remember the one that seemed to make them feel great. The home that has that beaut... Read More

House Smells That Can Kill A Sale With A Sniff Thu, Mar 06, 2008 Sniffing out a great sale in Melbourne FL Luxury Homes For Sale How your house smells should be something to consider when wanting to get top dollar for your home. Sometimes when you live in a house for a while, you become accustom to its sme... Read More

Overpricing Homes And Condos Thu, Mar 06, 2008 How to handle a sellers overpriced real estate    You can almost completely guarantee that you will have few if any offers when you overprice your house or condo for sale. When a house is listed too high, a low and reasonable offer m... Read More

Why My Home Has Not Sold Yet Thu, Mar 06, 2008 If other homes are selling, then why hasn't  my house sold? In a buyers or sellers market, there are only three reasons your home is not selling LOCATION, CONDITION, and PRICE. If problems exist with any of these three f... Read More

Five Mistakes Homeowners Make Thu, Mar 06, 2008 1) REDUCING THE PRICE: This can be the death of a sale.  By initially listing you home at too high of a price that is not comparable to other properties in your area, you may be forced to continually reduce the price repeatedly. When sellers dro... Read More

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