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Custom Real Estate Web Design / Brokerage Discount Program

Building a team of successful agents requires expertise in technology that can be hard to achieve for smaller independent brokers that don't have a large franchise to rely on for providing technology and training for their agents.  Even those working within a franchised system, may find their support and "free" agent web sites to be less then desired as competing franchises are just down the road, and only a few can succeed.

We can help your team lead the market now offers a variety of online marketing solutions for providing brokers with 10 or more agents the opportunity to have exclusive discounts on our hosting and labor.  We also want to help them with their team building, and that's why we're going to help to foster agent loyalty, and present greater value to the newest members of their team through this program

Program Benefits

The brokerage will receive a few exclusive benefits by choosing the as their online marketing platform for all their agents.

If a broker agrees to have at least 10 agents with a paid web site provided by
Far Beyond Code LLC, they'll receive:

  • Unique agent web sites that costs $20/month which share the corporate theme.
  • Free maintenance and hosting included for 1 brokerage web site per month.
  • 1 hour of remote phone-based training per month for free.
  • Agents will not be allowed to change the design we provide or transfer the web site to work with another brokerage without the broker's permission.
  • A) Agents can be billed individually monthly or B) the brokerage can be billed for all the agent web sites at one price.
  • Discounted labor services provided by Far Beyond Code LLC.
  • First access to the latest technology we are developing.

Additional benefits for qualifying at a higher level:

Brokers who commit to 12 months of 10 or more agent web sites will qualify for a free unique design for the corporate site and a similar alternative version of the design for all the agent sites to share. (A $2,000 value)

Qualifying brokers (10+ agent web sites) will be billed $70 per hour for technical support and $30 per hour for copyrighting, content management, and training.  Each agent web site costs $20 per month.

Brokers with 20 or more agent web sites will receive labor services offered by Far Beyond Code LLC at $50 per hour for technical support and $20 per hour for copyrighting, content management, and training.  At this level, all agent web sites will be discounted to $16 per month.

Payment Details

Payment is due monthly and the amount due is adjusted on each billing cycle based on the number of active agents and any applicable discounts.  If you wish to cancel the services and you received a free design as part of sign-up, you must pay for the remainder of the 12 months at the minimum cost of $200 per month before cancelling.  If no free design was provided, then you may cancel at any time.  Each monthly payment is not refundable.

Example cost scenarios

Example cost for a brokerage with 20 agent web sites:
20 agents * $16/month = $320/month.  

Example cost for a brokerage with 10 agent web sites:
10 agents * $20/month = $200/month.  

How to Qualify

To qualify for the Brokerage Discount Program, you must agree to pay for 10 or more agent web sites at a cost of $200 per month.  The broker will have the choice of providing us a custom design, paying for a new design in advance, or committing to 12 months of 10 agent web sites ($200/month) to receive a free custom design valued at $2000.

Interested in learning how you can save money while building a bigger team through our web services?

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