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At Far Beyond Code, Inc.we offer all our customers full use of the most dynamic, cutting edge technology to build and maintain your real estate website. Through our advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques we deliver consistent high search engine rankings. This keeps our customers' websites ranking as some of the top real estate websites you'll find anywhere.

Far Beyond Code, Inc.has developed one of most technologically advanced systems for real estate marketing available. Through ongoing research, and continuous monitoring of our competitors and current market trends, we continue to upgrade our software and systems to ensure we continue produce the top real estate websites to all our customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Every site we build is fully optimized for SEO, and our clients realize top search engine rankings through our diligent efforts to stay abreast of the ever changing world of SEO. Our people have a complete understanding of all website elements and how each impacts your search engine rankings. They ensure that every site is fully optimized through their proper implementation of all your website elements including:

  • META Tags
  • The URLs
  • The HTML Structure
  • The Content
  • Indexing of Cached Pages
  • Keyword Density

Our Cutting Edge Hosting Environment

Performance is perhaps our most important feature and is given much consideration. Our dedication to performance ensures you, our customer, the fastest, most efficient way to keep your listings fresh and up to date. While it is easy enough for our competitors to implement similar features, our level of performance comes only through time, dedication, and a lot of creative thinking. This all adds up to an amazing technology platform that runs at blistering speeds.

Our Current Hosting Environment Includes:

  • 2 CPUs - Each is 4 cores plug Intel hyper-threading resulting in a total of 16 CPUs to split and balance the workload.
  • 12 Gb of RAM
  • 15,000 RPM SAS hard drives.
  • Real Time error and downtime alerts

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