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New Construction Reminders

By Bruce Kirkpatrick   Follow me: Bruce Kirkpatrick on Twitter Bruce Kirkpatrick on Facebook
Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 6:55AM

Everyone wants to own their dream home. They dream of building a house and having the choices of what they want for the interiors from cabinets, flooring, fixtures to floor plans. Don’t make these mistakes when purchasing a new construction home.
Community: Many people shop for the house and forget to check out the community. Schools, transportation, parks and places you will travel to frequently should be considered unless you don’t mind the commute.
Buyers Agent: Remember the agent in the builder’s office represents the builder and there interest. It is best to have your own representative, a real estate buyer’s agent that will be looking out for your best interest.
Upgrades: Always remember when deciding to add upgrades to figure out if they will actually affect the resale value when you one day decide to sell and move. Your buyer’s agent can advise you what upgrades show a good return on investment.
Lot Location: Think about how the sun comes in the windows depending on what lot you pick and the way the house faces. Do you have neighbors to the side and behind you? Are you next to the pool or where noise may be an issue. 
Inspection: Many new homebuyers think that they do not need an inspection if they have a house warranty, but an independent third party inspection is a good idea.
Builder Financing Company: In the long run, using the builders suggested in-house lending company may not be cheaper, and don’t be fooled by discounts on the house price if you use them.
Advertisements: Be cautious of advertisement which may not be accurate. Telling you the mall or hospital is with in minutes when it actually may be 15 miles away. Some builders promise clubhouses and pools and they never happen. Walking paths end up being large fields that are unmowed. Check out other finished new home communities that this particular company has completed when determining whether you can trust what they say will be adding to your community in the future.
Having a real estate agent represent you and guide you through the new construction process is always best.

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