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Moving To A New House Include A Safety To Do List

By Bruce Kirkpatrick   Follow me: Bruce Kirkpatrick on Twitter Bruce Kirkpatrick on Facebook
Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 8:25AM

When you buy a house and move in many want to start doing cosmetic changes right away. A new paint color, new rugs or flooring, fixtures changed in the bath or ceiling lights. This indeed is the best part of homeownership creating your castle and adding your personal flare.
First, consider some safety issues:


Do not forget to have all the locks changed who knows who may have had a key. 


Make sure there are smoke detectors, and if so put in new batteries. Test and make sure they are still working because if they are over 10 years in age it is probably time to get new ones. Install additional smoke detectors if the house does not have them properly installed outside bedrooms and near kitchen and garage.


Do not forget to get a fire extinguisher for the kitchen and garage. This is also a great time for the family to review a fire safety plan. Everyone must know how to get out of the house during a fire and where to meet once outside the house. Make friends with a neighbor where the children can go to in case of an emergency.


Make sure railings are safe for stairs, porches and decks. While you are thinking about it and probably before you even buy this house, check to make sure the deck is bolted into the house and bolted together. Nails can work their way out of the wood over time and then decks will collapse.


Check the carpeting for any areas where it has pulled and created a bump where someone can trip. Stretch the rug back into place where necessary. Rugs get pulled out of place often when someone is moving out and had just pushed the furniture across the room.


Night-lights are a good idea to have on for children until they get accustom to the new floor plan of house.


Check the fence to see if it is sturdy, reinforce any post, check for open escape routes for pet, and fill in any holes. Make sure the gate has a lock option.


Find where the fuse box is located and make sure it is labeled correctly. Designate a spot in the house for an emergency flashlight.


Check the temperature of your hot water heater and adjust accordingly.


Check if your sprinklers are working correctly and are set to go off on appropriate intervals, which are within county regulations for days and times.


Set you weather alarm radio to the new codes in the area to pick up necessary warnings.


Make sure house numbers are visible in case emergency services are needed at your house.

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