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How To Buy The Right Domain Name

Primary Domain Names

Choosing a domain is an important decision. One that will probably have significant impact on the branding of your company's corporate identity. So how do you decide what the best domain for your company is? There are many factors to be considered when choosing your domain name, perhaps the most important consideration would be its relevance to your company and its name.

While choosing a short domain may seem the way to go, consider how it may affect your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When using a search engine to find a particular type of service, an individual will use certain keywords or phrases to find the information they are seeking. Using your company name is a good idea for corporate branding, but unless people use that name when searching, they will not find your site. Meaning that, in all likelihood, you won't realize any potential leads or clients from your site. This is why using popular search terms when considering domain name purchases may increase your site's ranking in the search engines.

Google by default associates your business with its name. This makes using your company name for your primary domain name a good idea. Keywords in your domain can be beneficial to your overall ranking, which is why, you may want to consider various shorter, easy to remember relevant secondary domain names.

Secondary Domain Names

The length of your domain is less relevant to your branding than it is to people typing your domain name or simply trying to remember it. Your company name may require you to use a long domain name for your primary domain. But to ensure people can easily remember it, and you get better rankings. You may want to consider procuring other relevant, shorter domain names.

We.can then use 301 redirects of the shorter, easier to type and remember secondary domain names to your site's primary domain name, meaning every one of your domains displays the same website. Your best choice for a alternate domain names will contain some of your industry's top keywords or phrases. These redirected domain names will also help increase your site's search engine ranking and overall traffic.

The redirecting of shorter domain names will:

  • Have several independent domain names pointing to your site
  • Make it easier to remember
  • Make it easier to type
  • Increase your search engine presence through multiple domain names
  • Help increase your ranking, resulting in more visitors

For example, when choosing the domain name, “Far Beyond Code“ careful consideration was given to compiling a list of alternate domain names in an attempt to cover all relevant search terms. This ensured our search engine rankings for all the most widely used terms pertaining to our type of services. While many of our clients may not fully understand the correlation between our name and the services we provide, our name actually addresses the fact that we are not just another group of programmers, but a full service web programming company. With our services you, our client will receive the management, SEO, and results beyond the source code needed to achieve, and retain top search engine rankings. We would have chosen “beyond code” but unfortunately that name was already procured by another tech company. This actually worked in our favor as that name has far more (not completely relevant) competition due the release of a book entitled Beyond The Code.

Because of this due diligence, Google has given our company a number one ranking despite the fact that we are a relatively new website.

However, you will most likely not fool the search engines simply by choosing the right domain name; they are much smarter than that.

Using exact keywords for your primary domain is probably not the best idea as Google is smart enough to know your company name is probably not “Florida Homes For Sale” so using that as your primary domain name would probably not achieve the best rankings. But there is far more to achieving high rankings than just the right domain name. For example, does not rank number one, but rather number five when the word automobile is entered into a search engine. They probably paid millions for this domain name, and still do not rank at the top. This is where utilizing our extended services will pay off for your company's web presence and its overall ranking.

Another important factor in achieving the desired rankings is the social factor. People linking to your site from other sites over a long period of time will have significant influence on your site's rankings. Once your site is launched, you will want to consider adding it to Social Networks like:

  • FaceBook
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • Liked In

You should also consider joining blog sites relevant to your industry, and post articles regularly that contain links to your site.

  • To Reiterate How to Buy a Domain Name That Will help with Research Engine Rankings
  • Choose a name relative to your company's name for your primary domain name.
  • Select alternative secondary domains using the most widely used key words and phrases.

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