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House Smells That Can Kill A Sale With A Sniff

By Bruce Kirkpatrick   Follow me: Bruce Kirkpatrick on Twitter Bruce Kirkpatrick on Facebook
Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 12:25PM

Sniffing out a great sale in Melbourne FL Luxury Homes For Sale

How your house smells should be something to consider when wanting to get top dollar for your home. Sometimes when you live in a house for a while, you become accustom to its smell and do not even notice it. Have a neighbor or friend give you there honest opinion about the way your home smells.

Animal smells can be some of the most objectionable odors to potential buyers. From pet dander to hair in the carpets to pet accidents, they will turn a buyer in there tracks. People do not want to invest in new flooring or gamble with the possibilities of flea infestations, or other allergy issues. 

Smoking can make a home so offensive and it can be unhealthy to breathe second hand smoke. Opening the windows daily is very necessary if you are a smoker, and consider smoking outdoors until your home sells. The fabrics in your home just soak up cigarette smoke, and there is nothing worse than that stale smoke odor. Have your curtains and bedding cleaned and be sure to spray furniture with an air freshener product.

Certain kinds of food can make a potential homebuyer turn up their nose, so during the home selling process refrain from cooking more offensively smelling meals like liver & onions or certain types of fish. You might want to consider doing most of your cooking outside on a barbeque grill, and many of these grills have side burners for boiling or frying. Other foods that can smell offensive are broccoli, cabbage, garlic, and curry.

Bathroom smells can also be very offensive. Make sure to have windows open after using the bathroom even after showering. Run your fans if you have one and be sure to use air fresheners.

Musty-Mildew-Moldy smells will definitely stop potential buyers in there tracks because most people assume there is a water leak or plumbing problem. Most potential buyers will just leave your home immediately when they smell this problem. Some people will try to access the situation to determine if the mustiness is due to a leaky pipe or the roof. They will also want to know whether it has affected the cabinets, walls, and insulation. The best thing to do is have this problem resolved prior to placing your home on the market. Be sure to scrub the area with bleach and water mixture and make any repairs. You may want to consider hiring a professional mold removal company depending on level of problem.

If you find your home has an offensive smell it is also recommended that you hire a professional home cleaner, especially prior to any open houses. If you own a pet, have the pet professionally groomed and continue doing this until the home sells. If you have to smoke, do it outdoors. Be sure to dispose the cigarette butts and not litter your yard. One thing is for sure, simply opening your windows and running your ceiling fans every day can be a big help.

A potential homebuyer makes an emotional decision within the first few minutes of visiting a home and the way the home smells can be a key factor in their decision making process. Another quick tip, consider eco-friendly cleaning products when at all possible. In addition, a bowl of fresh citrus and a vase filled with fresh flowers can make all the difference and are pleasing to the eye.

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