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Curb Appeal Can Make The Sale

By Bruce Kirkpatrick   Follow me: Bruce Kirkpatrick on Twitter Bruce Kirkpatrick on Facebook
Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 9:55AM

You would be amazed how many people make a decision to purchase a home based on the overall curb appeal. With a little hard work and investment, you can correct any landscaping problems before you list your house for sale and improve the chances for a faster sale.


Walking the exterior of the house is important. Take a look up close and from the street side. Have a neighbor do the same or a friend and get there input as well. The questions to ask while doing this are: 


First impression of the house and front yard?


Best exterior features of the home and how to make it stand out?


Worst exterior features of the home and how to improve it?


Is the property clean and neat and how can I make it more attractive?


Do not just limit this to the front yard.  Consider the back yard as well. With this information, make a list of what to change and then make time to put your plans into action.


First start with clean up and repair issues. Put items into storage areas that need to be there such as garden and lawn equipment. This is the time to clean windows and gutters, and power-wash the house and walkways. Finish by mowing and edging the yard. Do not forget to trim trees and bushes, and remove any debris by raking where necessary. New ground cover shavings always spruce a home up and lend a great smell when choosing cedar chips.


Now for the final touches, plant some flowers and shrubs, and do not forget to fertilize. If the time and budget permit, painting the house is recommended. Now for some unexpected additions, adding additional lighting to the yard can offer security and make driveways and walkways appealing. Replace porch and yard pole lights if old and rusted. Make sure the numbers for the house are visible and it may be time for new ones.


All of these improvements will charm a buyer into wanting to come in and see more, and then they will fall in love with the property. Many potential buyers are glad to see that the work has already been done, and they will not need to do anything to the exterior.

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